Our workshopsprovide a detailed orientation of the jellow system, its features, installation and how to customise it.

who should attend?

We encourage parents, speech therapists, occupational therapists and other healthcare providers to attend the workshops along with special educators and teachers working with children with speech impairment

Events & Conferences

How many custom boards I can create or how many icons I can add to a custom board. Users can create as many custom boards as they want. In each custom board, users can add as many custom icons as they want. Users can choose any language from the app to create their own custom board.

We envision Jellow as a comprehensive communication solution that is accessible in multiple media/formats for users with a wide range of abilities. As mentioned above, Jellow is available in the form of downloadable flashcards, a downloadable booklet version, an E-book, a desktop version, as well as in the form of an application compatible with tablets and mobiles. You can choose the form in which you use Jellow based on the abilities of your child. For instance, for a child just getting started, you could introduce Jellow flashcards to familiarize them with the icons used in the Jellow application and their corresponding word labels.

Collaborate with us
We always welcome collaborations with people, institutes, organisations and NGOs.

Set up a workshop with us

If you are an NGO, Special School, parents association or an institute needing a demo of jellow products, you can write to us at

Be a part of Jellow

We are always in need for assistance in research and outreach. Thus if you wish to be a part of jellow, you can write to us at

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