Jellow Privacy Policy

What information we collect: When a user opens Jellow for the first time following download of the application, we ask the user to enter personal information including child's name, caregiver's contact number, and caregiver's address. Along with the above-mentioned mandatory information, the user may choose to enter additional personal information such as caregiver's name, caregiver's email address, and child's blood group at any time in the profile form within the 'Settings' tab in the application. The user may also choose to provide us feedback regarding different aspects of Jellow via email from the 'Feedback' tab within the application.

How we use the information we collect: Jellow is a off-line communicator that enables children who have difficulty with speech or those learning to speak, to communicate their needs with others. We collect personal information from families and store it within the application, so that in the event of an emergency, the child may use the communicative ability of the application to convey their emergency contact information to others who can help them in this situation. The data collected in the application is only stored on your device. In the desktop application, a registered contact number is used to perform only login on to the web application. We value your privacy, hence it will not be used or uploaded to any server/cloud (including Jellow's or third party's). Feedback, usages about Jellow collected from the user, will be used by the app development team to improve the quality and capacity of future versions of the application.

Information sharing: We do not share any information collected in the application with any third party.

More information: If you have any further questions regarding our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us at :

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