Jellow Plus AAC Communicator - Giving a Voice to Speak

Jellow Plus Communicator is a friendly Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) system that uses icons/images to enable aid communication in adults learning to speak or with difficulty with speech and language. Jellow Plus helps non-verbal adults to communicate by constructing their own phrases/sentences and gradually learn to speak - especially those with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down's syndrome.

Jellow Plus is also an extension of Jellow Basic. It has all the icons and much more in this version. The expressive buttons which were part of the Emotional Language Protocol (ELP) driving Jellow Basic is available in Jellow Plus. These features make it easy for children using Jellow Basic to graduate to Jellow Plus as they grow up, making it possible to communicate better.

Jellow Plus is designed especially for adults, can be used to form words, phrases and sentences frequently used in their daily lives. Jellow's library of icons can help adults communicate using pictures along with their corresponding word labels.

Jellow Plus has a library of around 5000 icons designed specially with feedback from users. These are organized in different categories based on parts of the speech to make it convenient to form a sentence. Some of these categories are verbs, adverbs, adjectives, nouns, expressions, etc.

In addition, using the 'keyboard' feature, the user can also generate new sentences and use the app to speak them out aloud. The current version of the app allows the user to choose English language with multiple accents Indian, American, British, Australia, Nigeria along with a choice of voices. Other languages are being introduced.

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What's Unique?

Designed for Adults: Jellow Plus is designed especially for adults.

Make your own sentence: Jellow Plus allows one to construct words, phrases and sentences.

Unique Icon Layout: The layout of icons based on parts of speech makes it convenient to locate appropriate icons.

Colour coding of Icons: The colour coding of icons in different categories makes it easy to differentiate.

Extension of Jellow Basic: Jellow plus is an extension of the icons and the expressive buttons available on Jellow Basic

Jellow Plus Ecosystem
Jellow Plus is available in Android and iOS platforms.
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  • What are the best devices to use the Jellow Plus application?
    The Jellow Plus application works on Android tablets and mobiles. And has been specifically optimized for tablets.

  • What platforms are compatible with the Jellow Plus application?
    The Jellow Plus application is currently compatible with Android devices (Android versions 5.0 and above) only.

  • Can the Jellow Plus application run offline?
    Jellow Plus can run offline on your device. An Internet connection is required only at the time of download of the application and download of the content.

  • What is unique in Jellow Plus compared to other AAC devices/applications?
    Jellow Plus application is designed especially for adults as the large set of content is developed with adults needs in mind. The app is beneficial for those who are learning to form sentences and those who do not find suitable content in their regular AAC's. The unique color coded based on parts of speech formation structure enables to easily form grammatically appropriate sentences. The Jellow Basic app content is available in the Jellow Plus app so that the users can swiftly transition from Jellow Basic to Jellow Plus.

  • How do I use the Jellow Plus application?
    Jellow Plus allows the user to form sentences in order to communicate. As a sentence is constructed using parts of speech, we have accordingly segregated our icons into colour coded columns.

    Colour coding details: -
    • Light pink -> questions
    • Orange -> pronouns
    • Green -> verbs
    • Blue -> adjective and adverbs
    • Purple -> prepositions
    • Dark pink -> nouns

    You can simply select icons one after the other from these columns to form sentences and click on the speaker icon in the top white box to communicate. Every column has a "more" category where you can have access to all icons of that category.
    You can find noun folders in the application which house many related subcategories.
    Every noun sub-category has related adjectives and verbs along with the noun icons for easy access.
    For more details regarding the use of the application, please visit the "Tutorial" page on the application menu ( at the top right corner of the application )

  • Earlier my child was using the Jellow Basic. Shall I give Jellow Plus to her/him or when is a good time to introduce Jellow Plus to my child?
    Jellow Plus application has a huge set of icons to cater the needs of the child aged more than 12. It allows one to construct words, phrases and sentences using its grammatically color coded sentence formation structure. Children with the ability to understand icons can use Jellow Plus to learn to build sentences. The Jellow Plus application can be used by existing Jellow Basic users as well if the content in the Jellow Basic is now not suitable to the child's age. And also if the child is up to the level where he/she is ready to learn to put the words together to form sentences.

  • While using the Jellow Plus application, the voice and pronunciation of words is not clear. What should I do?
    The application uses the Google Text-To-Speech (TTS) engine. Most devices already have the Google tts engine activated. However, on all Samsung devices, the Samsung tts engine is activated by default.
    The application will automatically appropriately use the Google TTS engine irrespective of the device's default TTS engine without any additional steps by the user. However, if you still find that the voice is not generated or unclear, then follow the below given instructions to setup Text-To-Speech engine manually:
    1. Go into the "Language and input" settings of your device.
    2. Activate "Google TTS engine" from the "Text-To-Speech options" of your device.
    3. Click on Google TTS settings
    4. Change "default language" of the Google TTS engine to your preferred language (example: English (India), English (US), English (UK) or English (Nigeria))
    5. Download the voice for your preferred language (for example, Hindi (India), English (India), English (US), English (UK), or English (NG)) by clicking on "Install voice data"

  • Which languages and accents are available within Jellow Plus? How do I change the language output of the app?
    Currently, the Jellow Plus application is available English language only. However, the user can also choose between with Indian, American, British, Australian and Nigerian accents. The user can change the accent from the "Settings'' page by clicking on the top right corner of the application.

  • How do I get the Jellow Plus application to speak content not included in the core vocabulary of the application?
    We have provided a "Keyboard" button at the top right side of the application that enables the user to type out words, sentences that can then be spoken by clicking on the speaker button within the application.

  • How do I provide feedback to the Jellow Plus developers through the application?
    There are multiple ways that you can provide feedback to us. You can join the "Jellow Family" (we will provide you a login for this portal) and provide us continuous feedback as you use our system with your child on a regular basis. You can also leave your comments and suggestions in the Feedback tab at the bottom of this page. Alternatively, to provide feedback from within the Jellow Plus app, you can access the "Feedback" portal by clicking on the top right corner of the application. You can rate the application on several parameters and also provide suggestions and comments through this portal. When you click on the "Submit" button you will be prompted to choose an email client through which this feedback can be sent to the Jellow team. You will need an Internet connection to provide feedback to the developers.

  • Which subscriptions options are available for the Jellow Plus application?
    Currently, Jellow Plus has 3 types of subscription available.
    1. Basic user:- Basic users have access to limited content from the total Jellow Plus content library. But, users can use the application for free for lifetime.
    2. Pro user with monthly subscription:- The Pro user has access to all the content available in the Jellow Plus content library. As the billing cycle is monthly, the user will be charged recurrently for each month.
    3. Pro user with yearly subscription:- The Pro user has access to all the content available in the Jellow Plus content library. As the billing cycle is yearly, the user will be charged recurrently for each year.

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