Jellow AAC Communicator

Jellow is a friendly Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) solution that uses icons to aid communication in people learning to speak or with difficulty with speech and language.

Jellow has a complete ecosystem of low tech as well as high-tech solutions. In this video you will learn about Jellow's journey, our vision, research methodologies and design approach, Jellow's product range as well as upcoming products.

How to communicate using Jellow

In this video, we have a quick demo on how to use icons in the app to communicate using words and premade sentences. This includes how to use our emotional language protocol consisting of expressive icons.

What icons/content does Jellow Basic have?

In this video you will learn in detail about the interface of the app, the 1200 icons in the app and how they are categorised. Our 9 icon categories will be explained thoroughly along with an important section on emergency and safety icons.

How to customise icons in the app?

In this video you will learn how to make customised boards for your child through our Make My Board feature. You will learn how to create a board, how to add existing icons and custom icons in it. You can add your own pictures and sentences using this feature. You will also learn how to edit and delete a board.

What are the various settings in the app?

In this video you will learn about the different settings in the application that will help you customise the experience according to your child's needs. We have many display customisations along with accessibility options which are covered in detail here.

How to change the language of the app

In this video you will learn how to change the language of the application through our app menu.

We want to be accessible to all and thus are constantly developing Jellow in new languages. Jellow is currently available in English (Indian, US, UK, Australian, Nigerian), Hindi, Marathi, Bengali (India &Bangladesh), Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati with Punjabli, Assamese, Garo and Khasi coming up soon. It is also available in German, French and Spanish with Italian coming up soon.

What to do if the language selected for the app does not produce sound properly or at all

In this video you will learn about settings to check and steps to follow If you encounter a problem with the app sound after selecting/changing your app language.

Jellow networking and outreach

In this video you will learn about Jellow's various outreach activities, workshops, events and collaborations.