Jellow Care AAC Communicator for sudden Speech & Hearing Loss

Jellow Care is an Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) app for people with speech and communication difficulties. It uses pictures, text and sound to enable speech.

This app provides an immediate assistance in communication for people with Aphasia and those suffering from a stroke.Jellow Care allows them to express their thoughts, needs and wants, thus helps them to feel socially included and empowers them.  

This application provides predefined expressive sentences that can be used by patients (Stroke & Aphasia) to communicate during their stay at the hospital and also during their recovery at home. Moreover, this application allows a simple yes or no, single touch communication which makes it easier to bridge the communication gap between the patient and their caregiver, as the patient can convey their needs effectively.

The current version of the app allows the user to choose languages such as English, Hindi and Marathi. In addition, the 'keyboard' feature can be used to speak out words and sentences apart from those in the app.

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What's Unique?

A simple Yes/No system for easy and clear communication

A library of user-friendly icons developed inhouse with feedback from users.

Content developed through research and feedback from experts of the field (SLPs)

Can be useful for doctors, nurses, caregivers to provide immediate assistance in communication for patients with speech loss.

Jellow Care Ecosystem
Jellow Care is available in Android and iOS platforms.
For Android

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For iOS

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  • What are the best devices to use the Jellow Care application?
    The Jellow Care application works on Android/Apple tablets and mobiles and has been specifically optimized for tablets.

  • What operating systems are compatible with the Jellow Care application?
    The Jellow Care application is currently compatible with Android devices (Android versions 4.0 and above) and on the iOS platform.

  • Can the Jellow Care application run offline?
    Jellow Care can run offline on your device. An Internet connection is only required at the time of download of the application and for adding new languages into the application.

  • How do I use the Jellow Care application?
    Jellow Care is a communication aid for people with a sudden loss of speech/hearing. To speak using the Jellow Care application, simply click on any of the expressive side-buttons next to the icons/images. The application will speak out the connected sentence or phrase connected with this icon/image. Which versions is Jellow Care available in? We have recently released a version of Jellow Care can be accessed using the link: In this version the user is allowed to choose the language and accent of their choice using a drop-down menu at the time of registration itself. The user can also add more languages/accents into the app later from the settings of the application (accessed by clicking on the top right hand corner of the home screen).

  • While using the Jellow Care application, the voice and pronunciation of words is not clear. What do I do?
    The application uses the Google Text-To-Speech (TTS) engine. Most devices already have the Google tts engine activated. However, on all Samsung devices, the Samsung tts engine is activated by default. In devices with API level greater than 21 (Lollipop and above), in the latest version of the app (Jellow 1.2), the application will automatically appropriately use the Google TTS engine irrespective of the device's default TTS engine without any additional steps by the user. However, in older devices, API level less than 21, this process has to be done manually. The instructions for this have been provided under the "Language" settings of the application (that can be accessed by clicking the top right corner of the application). Those instructions are also listed below. Note, these steps are only required in older devices with API levels < 21 (Kitkat, Jellybean, etc.) Go into "Language and input" settings of your device Activate "Google tts engine" from the "Text-To-Speech options" of your device Click on Google TTS settings Change "default language" of the Google TTS engine to your preferred language (example: Hindi (India), English (India), English (US), or English (UK)) Download the voice for your preferred language (for example, Hindi (India), English (India), English (US), or English (UK)) by clicking on "Install voice data" In case your device does not have the Google TTS engine, it can be downloaded from Google play using the link -

  • What languages and accents are available within Jellow Care? How do I change the language output of the app?
    Currently, the Jellow Care application is available in English, Hindi and Marathi. The user can also choose between Indian, American, and British accents. The user can download a new language by going into the "Language" page by clicking on the top right corner of the application.

  • How do I get the Jellow Care application to speak content not included in the core vocabulary of the application?
    We have provided a "Keyboard" button at the bottom right side of the application that enables the user to type out custom sentences that can then be spoken by clicking on the speaker button within the application.

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