Jellow Customised Communicator - Make your own Board

Jellow Customised Communicator is an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) system that uses Jellow's library of icons as well as user generated icons/images and text to enable and aid communication in people learning to speak or with difficulty with speech and language.

Jellow Customised Communicator allows one to personalise and customise Jellow Basic features to suit one's needs with one's own images/icons, text/sentences and arrange it in your personal board. One can either select icons/images from Jellow's library of over 1200 icons or upload one's own set of icons/images from photos from one's phone and associate it with one's own set of text/words.

Jellow Customised communicator is an add-on-feature to Jellow Basic Communicator. If you download the latest version of Jellow Basic, Jellow Customised also gets downloaded along with Jellow Basic. It's free to use for now.

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What's Unique?

Use of Child Friendly Icons: Jellow's library of 1200 child-friendly icons developed inhouse with feedback from users can be used to create customised boards.

Easy-to Use and Learn Interface: It has an extremely simple and easy user interface to create customised boards.

ELP: Jellow's expressive emotional language protocol to create sentences can be used to extend the customised board's vocabulary.

Personalization: It allows you to create boards according to each child's preferences in visuals (icons), content, language and voice.

Jellow Customise Ecosystem
Jellow Customise is available in Android and iOS platforms and is swicth accessible.
For Android

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For iOS

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Switch Accessible

Jellow Customise is compatible with external switches


  • Where I can find Custom boards, Make My Board feature?
    From Jellow app version 3.0.0 and newer Custom boards feature is available. To create your own board, go to the main screen in the app. Tap on the "circular plus" icon available on the right top of the screen. Then tap on the red colored "Plus" icon.

  • How many custom boards I can create or how many icons I can add to a custom board?
    Users can create as many custom boards as they want. In each custom board, users can add as many custom icons as they want. Users can choose any language from the app to create their own custom board.

  • Will the Custom board feature be available on the iOS and desktop platform?
    We are working to make the Custom boards feature available for all platforms.

  • In what forms is Jellow currently available? In which form should I use Jellow for my child?
    We envision Jellow as a comprehensive communication solution that is accessible in multiple media/formats for users with a wide range of abilities. As mentioned above, Jellow is available in the form of downloadable flashcards, a downloadable booklet version, an E-book, a desktop version, as well as in the form of an application compatible with tablets and mobiles. You can choose the form in which you use Jellow based on the abilities of your child. For instance, for a child just getting started, you could introduce Jellow flashcards to familiarize them with the icons used in the Jellow application and their corresponding word labels.